Yoga is art, science and philosophy all in one.

The goal of yoga is to realize the divine in you. There are many paths leading to the destination and one is the path of Hatha Yoga.

The pleasant side effects of Hatha Yoga are physical and emotional health, mental clarity, contentment, and inner peace.

My yoga classes are based on the teachings of B. K. Iyengar and his successors. This teaching is characterized by precise instructions, accurate execution of yoga positions, the use of aids and specific assistance on my part. Such approach leads to thoughtful exercising and inevitable presence of the mind, thus to physical, mental as well as emotional regeneration.

Breath control (Pranayama) is also a part of Hatha Yoga. It is a bridge between the body and mind. That is why I consider practicing pranayama as an important part of the journey to the inner Self.